Logo Detection

  • Skills:

    • C++
    • Computer Vision

What is a Logo?

A graphical mark used to identify a company, organization, product or brand.

Logos are a mean by which companies try to convey an impression, a feeling, a message about themselves or one of their products, so they should be attractive and they must capture the viewer's attenction.

In a broad sense a logo represnt the identity of a company or of a product

Why Logo detection ?

To be able to detect logos in generic images means to be able to protect the identity of a company or of a product.

But also, in the era of internet and mobile phones, it could be a mean by which create new apps and services related to a particular product.

How it works ?

As the majority of the State-of-the-Art algorithms, our tool takes into account local features and in particular it scans an image in search of keypoints.

A keypoint is a pixel with and abrupt variation in luminosity in its neighborhood, and it is usually placed near edges or corners.

Machine Learning

Once a set of keypoints is extracted from the image, the algorithm builds context information by linking each keypoint with its neighbours and then try to match this context information with the context of a set of archived templates.

As a last step the gometric layout of the matching contexts is taken into account.

Thanks to this geometric verification the algorithm is able to evaluate the accuracy of the recognition and to return a reliability evaluation.

Machine Learning