A^3I - Advanced Analysis of Aerial Images

  • Skills:

    • C++
    • Computer Vision

This project is developed by a consortium of companies called “A^3I-Advanced Analysis of Aerial Images”.

The territorial monitoring systems which are nowadays commonly used (spacing from video-surveillance cameras to aerial images) show many limitations in terms of costs as well as infrastructure requirements, which eventually lead to the impossibility to use these systems in many situations. Examples are the monitoring of exceptional events or of areas in which a periodical check is needed but at the same time the use of fixed structures is not possible (or even not worth). In these cases UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), also known as “drones”, are a valid alternative. Thanks to their versatility and contained cost, the interest towards these vehicles in civil applications has considerably grown in the last period.

In this context our project focuses on the development of innovative technologies for storage, management and automatic elaboration of aerial filming/mapping, also using drones, for territorial control and monitoring.

Images and videos acquired, will be elaborated through specific algorithms of computer vision and pattern recognition in order to furnish the operators with information of high semantic content, such as the presence -in specific images/areas- of elements or activities of interest.

The use of computer vision and pattern recognition techniques for the elaboration of aerial images acquired via an aerial platform, opens the door to a wide range of applications of general interest.

Various areas of potential action are currently being taken into account: monitoring of buildings (i.e.: for thermal dispersion), territory and coastal areas (i.e.: monitoring of fauna), road conditions and safety, citizen and territorial security (i.e.: monitoring sensitive areas by detecting the presence and position of individuals, objects or forbidden activities.), etc.

This project is cofinanced by "PIA - Pacchetto Integrato di Agevolazione Industria, Artigianato e Servizi" Mas Image