Introducing Big Data.

... is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems...

Big Data Solutions

Data are a big source of information and opportunities but when they become too big their storage, management and processing can easily become overwhelming.

These issues are commonly synthesized with the 4V acronym, where each V stands for :

Volume Variety

Velocity Veracity

Hadoop has become the de-facto standard solution to face these issues.

Hadoop is an Open-source Framework that implements the MapReduce programming model (proposed by Google in 2004) combined with a HDFS, a distributed filesystem capable of manage many petabytes of data.

In recent years around Hadoop is growing a flourishing ecosystem, continually enriched by brand new technologies and tools that offer new opportunities of data management and processing.

To make the right choice of tools in this huge and intricate ecosystem can be frightening for the newcomer. At the beginning of 2014 an architecture, called lambda-architecture, that summarize many of the best-practices emerged in the first decade of BigData Management, has been proposed as a standard and it is currently used by all the BigPlayers.

BigData Image

In the last years we have acquired a deep understanding and thorough experience of the fundamental technologies required for a successful BigData System, so we can support you in the design and development process of a BigData Solution that will be

  • scalable
  • fault tolerant
  • debuggable
  • with minimal maintenance cost
  • with low-latenct reads and updates

but also

  • general
  • extensible
  • and which allows ad hoc queries